How to create Facebook page in 2019

How to create Facebook page in 2019. - in Androids or PC.

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Today I will show you that how to create  Facebook  page in easy way so let's start.

Follow the following steps-

Step 1:-  

               First open the original Facebook app as well as the Facebook lite.

open Facebook app

Step 2 :-    

                  After opening the Facebook you will get like this. 
                     After  that click on the triple line which is circled by blue line.

Step 3 :-

                Then click on the circle with blue color  'create page.' 

Step 4 :- 

                After that you will get like this .
Click on the " Get started" button which is circled.

Step 5 :-

              Now, choose the category.
For example- if  Your page is business page then choose business category ,if personal then personal category etc etc.

Step 6 :- 

              Now, choose sub-catogary of your page.

Step 7 :- 

                  After that fill the address of you page. If you have business then give business address else personal address.

Step 8 :- 

                Finally add the profile and the cover photo of your page by clicking on the circle  one.

Step 9 :-

              And here your page is created. As you can see I have created a page called fastest yatra as a example.
Now invite friends and grouw your page.


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